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Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Congratulatory letter from the President of the Republic of Poland to Pope Benedict XVI

On 19 April 2005, the President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski conveyed congratulatory letter to Joseph Ratzinger on the occasion of His election as the new Pope – Benedict XVI. The letter conveyed the following:
On behalf of the highest authorities of the Republic of Poland, the Polish Nation and from myself I wish to convey the most cordial congratulations and wishes on the occasion of Your election as the Head of the Universal Church, Pope Benedict XVI.
Several days back we paid our last tribute to John Paul II, our Great Compatriot, champion of conciliation and apostle of peace. Taking part in the funeral rites, we were deeply touched by the Homily delivered by Your Holiness.  We were moved by the profundity of notions and the high esteem expressed for John Paul II as the Grand Pope and Man. The elevation of Your Holiness signifies to us the will to continue the great quest of the Pontiffs of the last decades dedicated to upholding and sustaining such values as justice, peace and reconciliation.
I have every conviction that Your Holiness, who for great many years closely assisted John Paul II in His toil, shall carry His work further afield bringing good and love to the world.  
We look to the future with confidence and hope in the knowledge the Shepherd of the Universal Church is a representative of the German nation, a neighbour of ours with whom we are building common Europe having travelled the route of historical reconciliation. 
We wish Your Holiness with all our hearts good health and all the spiritual fortitude Your mission of ministering the Holy See and strengthening the role of the Universal Church in the world demands.
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