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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

President of RP talks on the phone to the President of Ukraine

On 29 January, 2008, President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczyński had a telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine Mr Victor Yushchenko.

The President of Ukraine expressed his condolences to the President of RP in connection with the death of Polish air men in the air crash near Miroslawiec. During the conversation the two Presidents discussed the situation at the Polish-Ukrainian border. President Lech Kaczyński assured the President of Ukraine about the will of the Polish authorities to resolve the problem most expeditiously. He informed that the customs are gradually resuming their work and that there is chance to get the queues relieved in the forthcoming days.

Moreover, the Presidents noted their satisfaction with the launch of negations on the small scale cross-border traffic agreement. Hoping for their swift conclusion, they emphasised the importance of such an agreement to the contacts between the Polish and the Ukrainian society.

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