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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

President condemns punishment for Polish "no" to refugees

President Andrzej Duda Tuesday in Zagreb, Croatia, voiced disapproval of the EC's steps against Poland and other refugee refusing countries.


Commenting the EC's announcement of breach of EU law procedures over the refugee issue against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Duda said he had a "strongly negative view" of the Commission's stand in the matter, and protested against punishing Poland for refusing to take in refugees.


Earlier EC sources informed that on Wednesday the EC will launch breach of EU law procedures against countries refusing to comply with the EU's refugee relocation system. According to Poland, which is one of the refugee refusers, the system is unacceptable as it imposes fixed refugee quotas on the EU countries, which violates the EU members' treaty rights.


Tuesday afternoon, a source has just informed the European Commission made a decision on the procedure against Poland for the country's refusal to take in refugees under the EU's refugee relocation plan.


President Duda reminded that the refugees themselves were unwilling to settle in Central-East Europe, and stressed that the EU relocation system would force them to settle in Poland, which in turn would oblige Poland to see that they stayed there. Duda stressed that Poland was an open country and willing to help people in vital danger, but disagreed to forced resettlement on its territory.


"I have an absolutely negative view of these attempts to punish us because we don't want people to be forced to come to Poland. Poland is an open country. If someone needs help and wants to come to my country to escape threats to his/her life or health, war or other repressions (...), then I assure such persons may come, and I assure they will be helped according to our means and within binding laws. But I disagree to people being brought (to Poland - PAP) by force, among others because then Poland would have to force them to stay", Andrzej Duda said, adding that he personally disagreed to refugees being "imprisoned" in Poland. (PAP)


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