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Monday, 5 June 2000


On June 5, 2000 the ceremony of the Andrzej Drawicz prize award took place in the Presidential Palace. President Aleksander Kwasniewski participated in the ceremony. Milo Anstadt, Karl Dedecius, Jacek Kuron and Irina Nikolska were nominated to the prize and according to the Chapter`s decision the Andrzej Drawicz prize went to Milo Anstadt. President of the Republic of Poland congratulated the nominees and the winner and said: In our everyday life we meet very few people, who are able to have permanent influence on thinking and behavior of the others. Also very few has the unique ability to confront stale views, not through enforcing their will, but through the search of their own assessment of the people and the world, to be led by the truth, tolerance and understanding. I had the privilege to meet such person. It was Andrzej Drawicz. I still have in my memory His words, when he was saying: There is time for the victory of thinking on the Polish raison d´etat and the needs of the Nation, but with remembering of other Nations needs and reasons. This is the way to find understanding and close relations through acceptance of differences. How valid are these values today, when in the front of the XXI century Poland meets the challenge of European Union accession, while the World and Europe watch closely not only our transformation but also our relationship with our neighbors. This message of His is now materializing in the Andrzej Drawicz prize, to be awarded every year for "increasing the role and importance of the Polish heritage in the World, and to do so in the spirit of tolerance, respect for others and mutual understanding". I wish to thank the SEMPER POLONIA Foundation for this initiative. We need to see, to honor, to prize all those who do so much to promote Polish achievements and to create modern image of today´s Poland. I would like to thank all well known and anonymous friends of our country. I thank all Poles living abroad and people of the Polish origin not only for their pride of their roots, but also for being the best ambassadors of our country in the World.
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