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Tuesday, 18 November 2003

President of Poland met the representatives of the Iraqi media

18th November, 2003 the President of the Republic of Poland met the representatives of the Iraqi media, the participates of the debate “Free media in Iraq. From dictatorship to democracy” organized by Gazeta Wyborcza in cooperation with the Society of Iraqi Democrats and Kurdish Centre for Information and Documentation. The following representatives of the Iraqi media took part in the meeting: George Mansour – the General Director of Iraqi News Network (new tv-station and radio created under the auspices of coalition administration); Ismael Zayer – editor of “As Sabah”, the biggest daily newspaper in Iraq, the chairman of the press publishers society; Ahmed Abdul Majid – the head of the Bagdad office of “Az – Zaman”; Mukhlis Saber Rasool – the Secretary of the editorial office of Kurdish daily newspaper “Al – Taakhi”; Fadil al – Shuwally, the editor of the “Al Risala” daily newspaper; Bassim al – Sheikh, editor of “Al Distoor” daily newspaper, the president of Iraqi Democrats Association; Ziyad Raoof; the representatives of Gazeta Wyborcza: Adam Michnik and Miłada Jędrysik and the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of Poland, Dariusz Szymczycha. At the beginning of the meeting President A. Kwaśniewski congratulated organizers on the idea of initiating the debate on the free media in Iraq. The guests offered their condolences to the family and the Polish nation for the recent tragic death of lieutenant-colonel Hieronim Kupczyk
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