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Thursday, 27 March 2003

Presidents of the RP and the USA held a teleconference with the Prime Ministers of Great Britain and Australia on the...

27th March 2003, the President of the USA, G. W. Bush, British Prime Minister T. Blair, Australian Prime Minister J. Howard and Polish President A. Kwaśniewski talked via teleconference. The President G.W. Bush together with the Prime Minister T. Blair informed the others on the development of the military action in Iraq as well as on the undertakings scheduled for the nearest future, including the humanitarian aid for the civilians. The President of the USA expressed his respect to the Polish soldiers for supporting the military operation in Iraq. President Kwaśniewski advised other politicians on the statement made by the Prime Minister L. Miller in the Polish Parliament, which covered the issues of Polish participation in the coalition, on the following debate and the Parliamentary support for the decisions made by Polish authorities. Polish President pointed to the necessity of political actions, such as: - international discussion on the ways of introducing order in Iraq, including the role of the UN as soon as the military action is finished; - international humanitarian aid, including the Oil-for-Food program; - strengthening bonds within the transatlantic cooperation as well as within the European Union by means of undertaking urgent political initiatives.
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