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Saturday, 28 June 2003

President of Poland paid a working visit to Kaliningrad

28th June 2003, the President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski paid a one-day working visit to Kaliningrad. The Polish President met the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin on the board of the cruiser “Marshal Ustinow”, from which both statesmen observed maneuvers of the vessels of the Baltic Fleet and the North Fleet. After the meeting with Vladimir Putin Polish President proclaimed i.a. that Polish-Russian relations had unprecedentedly improved in the last years owing to the personal engagement of President Putin. Moreover President Kwaśniewski was strongly convinced that Polish accession into the European Union might give a unique chance to intensify cooperation between Poland and the District Kaliningrad. Russian President stated i.a. that this cooperation supported stability of the region, which is also manifested in the unity of the Baltic countries. The Russian Federation, as well as Poland, is willing to develop this cooperation which was the main topic of the Saturday’s meeting. The mechanisms of partnership between both countries act very well. The Intergovernmental Commission and the Council of the Polish and Russian Societies prosper very actively. This region is very significant for an international cooperation as people, adjusted to each other, had been living here together for ages. We should start from improving the condition of the infrastructure but we should also aim at bilateral investing. During his visit the President of the Republic of Poland met the personnel of the Polish General Consulate in Kaliningrad. At a press conference, which took place in the General Consulate, the Polish President answered the questions concerning the subject of visas. He said that the Polish long-range strategic plan foresees neither visas, no barriers, which could impede bilateral relations but Poland has to act in accordance with Schengen Treaty as well as with agreements with Russia. Although the Republic of Poland has to enforce some limitations related to formal requirements, Polish authorities will do everything to provide for as much freedom of travel as it is only possible. Aleksander Kwaśniewski visited also a Polish school where he met teachers, students and the representatives of Polonia. At the end of his visit, the Polish president laid flowers on a gravestone of Emanuel Kant.
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