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Monday, 25 August 2003

Official visit of the President of the Republic of Poland to Bulgaria

25 August 2003, the President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski paid a two- day official visit to Bulgaria. After the official welcoming ceremony of the President of Poland by the President of Bulgaria Georgi Pyrvanov and laying flowers under the Monument of Unknown Soldier, the President A. Kwaśniewski met the President of Bulgaria in private, preceding the plenary talks between the delegations and the Presidents of the both countries. After the talks “The Agreement of mutual co-operation between Polish National Library and National Library of Ciril and Methody” was signed in the presence of the Presidents. At the press conference President Aleksander Kwaśniewski said: The official visit to Bulgaria is a proof that the relationships between our countries are very active, very good. It is also an evidence that the relations between me and President Purvanov are very friendly. For many years Bulgaria and Poland have been following the same path of the political and economic transformation. It has been a difficult time for both our nations, however we could always depend on each other, we could exchange our experiences and co-operate very close. Today Poland is member of NATO, we ratify documents which will allow Bulgaria to enter the North Atlantic Pact, what is a great pleasure for us. From 1 May 2004 Poland will be a member of the European Union and will support Bulgarian efforts towards entering this organization in 2007. Poland and Bulgaria operate in the same fields. Today the most spectacular and important one is the participation of Polish and Bulgarian soldiers in Polish zone in Iraq. I respect the President of Bulgaria and Bulgarian authorities for sending almost 500 soldiers to the supervised by Polish troops stability zone in Iraq. To sum up the talks the President of Bulgaria thanked Poland for supporting Bulgarian efforts towards the integration with the European and transatlantic structures. He also stressed the importance of Polish-Bulgarian military programs during the mission in Iraq. President Pyrwanow pointed that Poland and Bulgaria should develop turistic, investments, economic, educational and cultural bilateral relations. Next President Kwaśniewski met the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, S. Saxo-Coburg Gotha. After the meeting Polish President said: we have had a very interesting talk with the Prime Minister. Soon Poland and Bulgaria will be together in NATO and the European Union. It is important to develop our cooperation, which might also enrich those structures. I am glad that we share the common enthusiasm and emotions when thinking of the European and regional issues. Later President Kwaśniewski met the Vice-deputy of the Parliament J. Lufti. In the evening President Kwaśniewski took part in the official dinner hosted by President Pyrwanow. 26 August 2003, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski visited Warna, where after laying wreaths at the symbolic crypt of Vladislaw of Warna and J. Hunyady, he visited two local museums. In the afternoon President Kwaśniewski joined the cruise organized by the Bulgarian Navy Forces.
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