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Tuesday, 29 June 2004

Participation of the President of Poland in NATO Summit in Istanbul, day 2

On 29 of June, 2004, President Kwaśniewski took part in the NATO – Ukraine Commission and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. President Kwaśniewski positively evaluated the current co-operation of Ukraine with NATO during the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission held at the level of Heads of State and Government with the participation of Leonid Kuchma, president of Ukraine. He reminded of Ukraine’s efforts to realise an uneasy process of political, economic and social reforms and closer co-operation with NATO and the European Union. Problems are natural in any country undergoing transformation, and international communities should show understanding, taking into consideration the scale of challenges being faced by Kiev. President Kwaśniewski supported strong and solid partnership between Ukraine and NATO, which in his opinion, is a process of historic meaning. He underscored that independent Ukraine constitutes one of the main factors of stability in Central and Eastern Europe and in the whole continent. The President thanked Ukraine for its contribution to peace mission in the Balkans, support to ISAF operation in Afghanistan and engagement in the stabilisation mission in Iraq. According to President Kwaśniewski, Ukraine’s international activity is a proof that Kiev is not only an importer but also an exporter of stability and security for the whole Euro-Atlantic area and beyond. President Kwaśniewski supported the opinion of other speakers that oncoming presidential elections in Ukraine would be a very important test for the Ukrainian democracy, closely observed by international communities. He underlined also that, if Ukraine meets expectations, NATO reaction should be positive and concrete to motivate Ukraine to undertake further modernisation efforts. During the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, which hosted nearly 40 Heads of State and Government, the President of Poland spoke of 10 years of achievements through the “Partnership for Peace”. Political dialogue and numerous Partnership actions turned out to be an effective instrument for achieving peace and stability in the whole Euro-Atlantic area. Partnership is also visible evidence that countries from different regions, with different interests, needs and expectations, can establish a mutually beneficial co-operation when sharing the same principles and values. Speaking of prospects for the Partnership program, president Kwaśniewski expressed hope that a family of partners will gradually grow. The invitations should be extended to the countries, including those of the West Balkans, which seek support from the Partnership for the democratic reforms and military transformation. As in the past, the participation in the Partnership – according to the President - should constitute the element of the “Open Door” policy of the Alliance, encouraging the members to intensify their efforts to democratise political life and modernise military forces.
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