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Wednesday, 1 September 2004

An official visit of the King of Jordan to Poland - official dinner

Toast by the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski at the official dinner given in honour of the King of Jordan, Abdullah II. Your Majesty, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with great joy that I welcome to Poland Your Majesty and all the Jordanian guests. Today’s visit is an unprecedented event: Your Majesty is the first monarch from the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan to be officially visiting the land on the Vistula River. It is my profound conviction that this visit will strengthen the bonds of friendship which exist between our countries and peoples, will increase mutual respect and sympathy, and will also flag up new perspectives for co-operation. This year, we are witnessing the 40th anniversary of starting official bilateral relations. This shared experience speaks volumes about the conformity of values and principles that we adhere to in the international arena. We are meeting in a very particular moment in time: on the day of the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2. Six million citizens of our country lost their lives in the wake of war. On this unique day of national remembrance and reflection, I wish to underscore that one of the most fervent wishes cherished by my countrymen is to live in a world where nations respect each other and jointly resolve most pressing problems. We pursue this goal with equal zeal in Europe and in other parts of the globe, also in the Middle East. Polish soldiers participate these days in peace missions in Lebanon and in the Golan Heights, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. We are convinced that through this concerted effort of people of good will the Middle East will be able to overcome the existing conflicts and will emerge as a region of peaceful co-existence. Bound by the bonds of long-standing friendship to the Arab world, Poland is interested in further development of co-operation and partners-like relations with the whole Middle East region and with North Africa. As a member of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance, we will actively support dialogue of these organisations with their neighbours in the Middle East and in Africa. We are very happy that Jordan plays such an important part in this process. At this point, let me express our deep gratitude to the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan and to Your Majesty personally, for the support lent to Poland’s operations aimed at stabilisation in Iraq. We take an optimistic view of the future of the Polish-Jordanian relations. Both countries have a lot to offer each other: equally in terms of their economic relations, as well as in tourism, science or culture. I do hope that today’s visit by Your Majesty will be a milestone on the way to more lively co-operation and will bear fruit. It is in this spirit that I propose the toast: - To the health of Your Majesty and all the Guests present here, - To the welfare of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan and the Jordanian people, - To friendship between our states and nations. Toast by the King of Jordan, Abdullah II at the official dinner given by the President of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski in honour of the King of Jordan, Abdullah II: Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Our first visit to Poland has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Today was remarkably moving. Standing before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw we recalled the sacrifices of the people of Poland for liberty and for human dignity. Your people’s passion for freedom has inspired many nations around the globe. In Jordan, we are committed to a modern, tolerant, open society, and we are working hard to create a new model for our region - a model that upholds human rights, justice and progress. A model that offers our people hope and opportunity for a better future. We are equally committed to a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict which remains the main obstacle to stability and development in the Middle East. And, as we discussed earlier today, we are doing our best to help rebuild a unified democratic Iraq; and to take an active part in the international fight against terrorism. We are very proud of our special ties with Poland and I have no doubt that this visit will further advance our partnerships, especially in the economic domain. Allow me to thank you for your kind hospitality and warm reception. I hope that we will have the honour to reciprocate by welcoming Your Excellencies in Jordan soon. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to be in Warsaw; and it gives me great pleasure to propose a toast to Their Excellencies, to the government and people of Poland and to the partnership between our two countries.
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