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Sunday, 29 May 2005

Statement by the President of the Republic of Poland on the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty in France

In response to the questions asked by journalists concerning preliminary results of the referendum on ratification of the Constitutional Treaty in France, President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski said:
I have received with sadness the result of the referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty in France. Undoubtedly, it reflects the sentiments of the French people, especially as regards their internal policy. I am confident that France: the founding member of the European Union, will continue to advocate European integration which serves the security, solidarity and development of our entire continent.
The French “no” entails serious problems for the adoption of the Constitutional Treaty but should not be seen as tantamount to the slowing down of integration processes or of further enlargements of the EU.
Poland should take a sovereign decision on the course and the time of ratification of the Constitutional Treaty. Our sense of shared European responsibility obliges us to do so. This is also the expectation of our partners from the European Union. In the forthcoming days I will hold consultations on the issue with the government and with parliamentary representatives.
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