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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Meeting of the President of the Republic of Poland with the Speakers of the Sejm and the Senate, and the Minister of...

On June 15, 2005, in the Presidential Palace President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski met with the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Sejm and the Speaker of the Senate and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss Poland’s position for the European Council (June 16-17, 2005, in Brussels) devoted to the EU budget for 2007-2013 and to further ratification procedure of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.
Recapping the meeting at a press conference, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski noted among others:
I wish to say that together with the Speaker of the Sejm, the Speaker of the Senate, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of State for Europe in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Head of the Office for European Integration we have discussed tomorrow’s European Council meeting. Judging from the information we have and from the recent development this is going to be a very important session, even a historic one, since it will be devoted to further works on and the procedure for ratification of the European Constitutional Treaty and will also visit the subject of European financial perspective. What I would like to do would be to focus on the Treaty and then to invite Prime Minister to give some information concerning the budget, finance and our position on the issue.
I want to stress that as a result of  our discussion we maintain our position as we took it several days before. It is Poland’s conviction that in the present stage of EU development, following the enlargement to include 25 new members, Europe needs a Constitutional Treaty. We maintain our position as expressed before, the position which lead to the signing of the Treaty by the Prime Minister and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, we believe that the Constitutional Treaty is by no means dead, that it is instrumental for integration processes in Europe and for further enlargements of the EU upon new countries, including the one which is so crucial from Polish perspective: Ukraine. We hope that at the Summit in Brussels there will be a clear debate on how Europe should further proceed on the subject. We are waiting with anticipation for the position of France and the Netherlands, the two countries who said no in their referendums. We would like to learn what they intend to do to bring the Constitutional Treaty back on the agenda. We also look forward to clear position statements on the part of our other partners. That being said, we underline that it is essential that Europe should be underpinned by a treaty. We agreed to revisit the subject of procedure after the Brussels Summit. Then, we will be able to determine when and in what course we will submit the Constitutional Treaty to the decision of the parliament or of the people. For the time being, we are not in a position to determine either the date or the course. As you know, the Sejm received a draft resolution which gives us powers to organize a referendum but this draft has not yet been properly discussed nor voted upon in the Sejm. As regards the date, you will be aware of a plan under which the referendum could possibly be held on October 9 but for the time being, this is a plan, and we will have to revisit the subject after decisions have been taken by the European Council tomorrow. This is all I wanted to say on the subject of the Constitutional Treaty. We fully share the view that Europe should state its perspective and its vision for the forthcoming years in more precise terms and I hope that the Summit will be very constructive in this respect, I hope that it will not try to evade problems but rather to find a solution. This is also the will of the Polish delegation headed by Prime Minister Marek Belka. They are also going to come up with some proposals. Today we cannot discuss them, they are only going to be unveiled to our partners tomorrow and the day after so that the Summit can end with success, so that we can say that in this trying moment of time when Europe find itself at a turning point, we are taking that turn in full control and full of hope for the future.
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