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Thursday, 11 August 2005

Statement by the President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski

I am greatly concerned by the consecutive acts of violence committed in Moscow against Polish citizens. The victims of the organized attacks are Polish state officials and representatives of the Polish mass media accredited to the Russian Federation. I share the growing sense of indignation of the Polish public aroused by the incidents.
The alarming incidents of recent days foment a climate of tension in Polish-Russian relations and stir up an untoward escalation of mutual resentments.
As the President of the Republic of Poland I appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to direct Russian Authorities to urgently instigate incisive actions  required to  apprehend and duly punish the organizers and perpetrators of the attacks and to implement protective measures assuring personal safety of Polish citizens working and staying on the territory of Russia.   
I believe that the Russian Federation - as I was assured yesterday by Valeri Loshchinin, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation - is not interested in “cooling relations with Poland, but in improving these”.
 I trust that the great majority of the Russian public finds the incidents reprehensible.
On my part I make every endeavor to restore normal relations between our countries and nations so that these should develop in the spirit of good neighborly cooperation.
Warsaw, 11 August 2005.

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