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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Discussion about the situation in Trans-Dnestr

On 3rd October 2006 Minister Andrzej Krawczyk received Adrian Jacobovits de Szeged, Special Representative of the European Union for Moldova.

During the meeting the Guest presented to Minister Krawczyk the current situation in the Trans-Dnestr region and discussed current involvement of the European Union in resolution of the conflict in Trans-Dnestr on the basis of the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova. The Special EU Representative spoke highly of the support being extended by Poland for European aspirations of Moldova as well as the commitment of the authorities of Moldova to implementation of the EU Action Plan.

Andrzej Krawczyk highly appreciated the mission of Adrian Jacobovits and his efforts to support processes of democratising and building a civil society in the Trans-Dnestr region. He also expressed thanks to the Special Representative for the possibility of consulting Poland about this important matter. The Minister emphasised that Poland is actively interested in political and economic transformation of Moldova and will support it to the extent possible.
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