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Friday, 29 September 2006

Meeting in the Presidential Palace

On 29th September 2006 the President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr Valdas Adamkus came to Poland with an official visit.

After the official welcoming ceremony in the courtyard of the Presidential palace a meeting was held between the President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczyński and the President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr Valdas Adamkus.

The meeting was followed by plenary talks chaired by the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania.

After conclusion of the talks the “Joint Declaration of the President of the Republic of Poland and the President of the Republic of Lithuania” was signed.

The text below:

The Presidents of Poland and Lithuania,

underscoring the existing ties of strategic partnership between Poland and Lithuania,

noting the significance of good neighbourly and friendly relations for stability of the region of Central and Eastern Europe, regional cooperation, infrastructure development and spreading of democratic values,

confirming the desire of the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Lithuania to act jointly for the building of a solidarity-based Europe, of the social and political process of European integration as well as reinforcing Transatlantic partnership and nourishing the unique culture of European nations, have agreed the declaration below:

- We highly appreciate the long-standing historical ties between Poland and Lithuania and the already 15-years old intense, friendly and open cooperation between Poland and Lithuania as well as the close neighbourly relations, which permitted our countries to embark upon the track of strategic partnership.

- We consider that only good Polish-Lithuanian relations, based on mutual understanding and support, have allowed our countries to jointly tread upon the road of Euroatlantic integration, to reach the strategic goals of foreign and national security policy of our states, which are membership in EU and NATO.

- Maintaining an atmosphere of trust, openness and friendship in bilateral relations between Poland and Lithuania it is necessary to strive to implement new bilateral projects and intensify dialogue leading to:

1. implementation of Polish-Lithuanian road projects, energy grids as well as other infrastructural projects;
2. assuring energy security of both states as well as common EU energy policy, assuring alternative sources of energy, security of energy supply and defence of the interests of all EU countries;
3. assuring proper conditions for existence and development of the Polish national minority in Lithuania and the Lithuanian minority in Poland as well as exercising the rights of these minorities, stipulated in the Polish-Lithuanian Treaty of 1994, bilateral agreements as well as other international statutes;
4. intensifying contacts between both nations in the area of culture, science, education; supporting youth dialogue;
5. joining the EU Schengen area in the nearest future;
6. support for further enlargement of the EU to include states meeting membership criteria;
7. further development of EU Neighbourhood Policy with respect to eastern neighbours and enlargement of the area of security and stability further east;
8. support for spreading democratic values in the region of, developing maximally flexible and effective instruments as well as an appropriate policy for support by the EU of democratic transformation;
9. enhancing dialogue between countries of Central Europe and the Baltic States.

    President of the Republic of Poland            President of the Republic of Lithuania
                       Lech Kaczyński                                                Valdas Adamkus"

In conclusion of this part of the visit, in the presence of both Presidents, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Mr Vytas Navickas and Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy Mr Tomasz Wilczak signed a letter of intent concerning connection of the energy systems of Poland and Lithuania and cooperation of Poland and Lithuania in development of the energy industry.


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