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Monday, 17 December 2007

President of RP meets the Chair of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 17 December, 2007, President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczyński met with Chair of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Željko Komšic who came on an official visit to Poland.

In the afternoon, an official welcoming ceremony took place on the courtyard of the Presidential Palace. Then followed private talks between the Presidents and plenary talks of the delegations chaired by the two Heads of state. President Lech Kaczyński also accepted an invitation to pay a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the joint press conference, President of RP made following remarks:
„Together with Chair of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the office of the President in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a collective one but at present, it is Mr Komšic who chairs the Presidency, we have had a very long private discussion that last over an hour. We have reviewed the situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its circumstances, its structure and its neighbourhood, as well as the overall situation In the Balkans with particular regard to the problem of Kosovo. In the first place, this has been a very interesting talk and also a friendly one. Our views on many subjects were convergent.

Poland is of the opinion, and this is the opinion which was until recently prevalent in this country, that Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as other countries of the region should be given a green light as far as their NATO and EU membership is concerned. The summit of the European Council of March 2007 in a way confirmed this line of thinking not only in our country but also in Europe. Obviously, Bosnia and Herzegovina is very much interested in securing for itself the membership in NATO and in the European Union. And Poland supports Bosnia and Herzegovina in this pursuit. This is not a new attitude but it is worth underscoring. This is part and parcel of Poland’s consistent position which provides that the entry of 10 accession states to the EU, followed by the enlargement upon Bulgaria and Romania cannot put the enlargement process of EU to an end. On the other hand, obviously, the North Atlantic Treaty is a very efficient tool in the area which I had termed a year and a half ago ”exporting stability”. And there is no better exporter of that kind in the world. Coming now to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a country with a complex internal structure, and also to other countries in Western Balkans, they do need such an affirmation of stability there. Obviously, they also need growth, economic growth and in this respect Poland should do somewhat better that it is doing now, in particular when it comes to the broadening of the scope of economic cooperation and investments. That being said, also stability is necessary to promote economic growth. Please, bear in mind that Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as other countries of the region have made immense progress in their stability process in recent years. This is noteworthy.

I was very happy to receive an invitation to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. I believe that next year it will be possible to come on a visit which will prove once more in what good shape our relations are. We have some progress to our credit already: our embassies are well established and I do hope that the agreements which you have been referring to, Sir, speaking about the need to accelerate, will be signed in a near future. It is up to the government to do so but they are really needed.

I do believe that within the EU, Poland is going to be a country to behave the way you suggested, Sir, simply as a friendly man. Since Poland’s attitude towards Bosnia and Herzegovina is very friendly, indeed.”

In the evening hours, an official dinner was hosted by the President of RP in honour of the Chair of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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