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Friday, 15 June 2007

President Kaczyński sent his congratulations to the President of Israel

On 15th June 2007 President Lech Kaczyński sent his congratulations to Shimon Peres in connection with his election for President of the State of Israel.

“Your Excellency!

Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations in connection with your election for President of the State of Israel.

I have a vivid recollection of our meetings, especially the last one during my visit in Israel in September 2006 and I am glad that I will have the opportunity to cooperate with you further for the benefit of relations connecting our countries. I am convinced that our collaboration shall contribute to affirmance and development of the special Polish-Israeli bonds both as regards their bilateral dimension as well as with respect to international matters important to both countries.

In Poland as in the whole world your perseverent activity for peace in the Middle East is well known. We equally appreciate your commitment and numerous efforts taken for reconciliation and better understanding between Poles and Jews. Personally I wish to extend my cordial thanks for your great commitment to the building of the Museum of History of Polish Jews and for supporting the nomination of Irena Sendler for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Faced with increased hatred, violence and terrorist threat in the region I wish you courage, perseverance and an unfailing vision in efforts for revitalising the spirit of peace in the Middle East. At the same time I wish to assure that the Republic of Poland shall invariably support the building of a lasting and fair peace in the Middle East as well as development of fruitful cooperation for the common benefit of all states and nations.

Together with expressions of respect I ennnclose sinncere personal wishes of good health, success and the very best in your new mission.
Lech Kaczyński
President of the Republic of Poland”

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