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Friday, 8 June 2007

President Kaczyński met with the US President

On 8th June 2007 President Lech Kaczyński received US President George W. Bush in the Residence on Hel. The US President and Ms Bush came with a working visit to Poland

After the welcome at the airport in Gdańsk-Rębiechowo, the presidential couples went to the residence, where the two Presidents spoke privately. The talks were attended i.a. by Elżbieta Jakubiak, Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland.

President Bush’s visit ended with a meeting of the two Presidents with media representatives at the airport in Gdańsk – Rębiechowo. President Kaczyński said:

”Distinguished Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have had a long discussion with the President and it focused on matters of interest to the United States of America and to Poland, our country. We naturally spoke about MD, about the issues of relations with our very important Russian partner, we spoke a bit about the situation in Iran, a little about the situation in Kosovo, but naturally the first two matters were the main focus of our discussion.

I can say that as regards missile defence both sides are fully in agreement, which actually is in line with the quite obvious matter that there are absolutely no aggressive intentions connected with this defence. This is a plan, which is to reinforce the protection of Europe against dangers resulting from the fact that not all countries of the present world are quite responsible, however we do not have Russia in mind here. This is about other countries. As far as relations with our Russian partner are concerned, we both have naturally recognised that Russia is an important country in this world, that this status of the Russian state – the world’s largest in terms of territory, also large as regards population, in possession of nuclear weapons – this is still backlog from past times; at any rate all this gives it the right, the grounds to be a major country globally. And this not only the US but also Poland do not question. However it is important for our Russian partner, with whom Poland would like to have the best possible relations – the United States have good relations – to accept that the world has changed in the course of eighteen years – and this also applies to Central Europe, our country above all. No plans, be it of the United States – though this the President will address – or of Poland, are targeted against the interests of the Russian state. It can be quite safe, that is to say it can feel quite safe at least as far as we are concerned, because there are other great countries in the world with someone else bearing responsibility for them. At any rate the missile defence plan is one, which brings only stability and defence; defence needed against irresponsible behaviour – without any other additional goals.

As regards other matters, which we discussed, I presented what I know about the relations concerning Western Balkans – because as it is known, there was recently the meeting in Brno. There I spoke to practically all leaders of Balkan states. We spoke about Kosovo, about the key issue there, about how potentially in our opinion the solution concerning that region, or the today formally province of Serbia (but indeed something, which today is separate) can affect relations in other parts of the world. We also spoke about how stabilising is the role of NATO today and hopefully how greater will it – I hope – be in the future.

We also spoke a little about the European Union; we spoke about countries, which the United States and Poland are on friendly terms with, such as the Federal Republic of Germany. We exchanged a few words about France – the President had the opportunity to talk at length about G8 and in general with President Sarkozy. I met him only in passing two years ago, when I was not the President yet, but we will meet again in a few days.

This discussion – very interesting and at least for me very important – is the introduction to a discussion, which we will have in mid July when I think we will arrive at specific results, initiated as far as I am concerned by today’s very fruitful meeting. Thank you Mr President for coming to Poland, thank you very much. 

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