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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Visit of the President of Georgia in Poland

On 10th May 2007 President Lech Kaczyński met with Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia on a working visit in Poland. After the welcome the Presidents spoke in private. 

During the joint press conference President Lech Kaczyński made the following statement:

”Distinguished Mr President, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen!
We have just met over breakfast. Before that we spoke privately. Our meeting precedes the meeting of Presidents on energy matters at Wawel, but we also discussed bilateral issues, the increasingly close cooperation between Georgia and Poland. I would like to inform that we have jointly agreed to establish a Georgian-Polish Presidential Committee. Such committees, as far as the Polish President goes, are very few. So far we have committees with Ukraine, Lithuania and also with Turkey where it is a tradition connected rather with Turkey not recognising Poland’s partitions. This is further proof of the tightening of bonds between our countries. We spoke about cooperation in very many areas, more and less sensitive. Naturally we also spoke about what will happen at the summit. We are convinced that this meeting, with participation of the Presidents of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland but also a representative of Kazakhstan who will be present at the meeting, has a strong opportunity to become the starting of closed cooperation on matters of such importance for today’s world as energy issues. In other words, we have had a meeting, in fact not the first one this year, which is a classic example of a meeting in anticipation of the spring event, but also a meeting of great importance for our mutual relations. With enormous satisfaction I inform you that outside the world of NATO and the European Union we have a growing group of friends and that Georgia is certainly one of these friends because the Georgians, the Georgian people are highly respected and liked in Poland. This is very geed information. We are about to unveil a monument devoted to many officers of the Georgian Army as well as NCOs and soldiers who served with the Armed Forces of the Republic and fought in defence of our Homeland. This event is also of symbolic significance. Thank you very much”.

In the afternoon both Presidents took part in the Freedom Park of the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising in the ceremony of unveiling a monument of Georgian officers serving in the Polish Army. 

During the ceremony President Lech Kaczyński said:

” Distinguished Mr President, Ministers, distinguished Members of the Delegation of the Republic of Georgia, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen!
I must admit that I am enormously satisfied. It is here, in the Park of Liberty, in the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which had to wait 60 years to be opened, the Monument of Soldiers of the Polish Army of Georgian Origin, who died in defence of our country, during the September campaign in 1939, as victims of the Katyń murder in 1940, as soldiers of the heroic Warsaw Uprising and soldiers fighting on other fronts of World War II where it can be said that they fought for your freedom and ours. They fought in the name of the permanent slogan formulated in Poland in the 1st half of the 19th century and the freedom, so long awaited, did finally come. Today for the first time can I welcome here the President of Georgia, there is also free Poland and on top of it our two countries, though not lying very close to each other, are nevertheless cooperating very closely in the name of common values, first of all these being in my opinion freedom and honour. What we have in common with the Georgians is that we are not afraid and do not intend to be. We do not want to subordinate anyone, but neither do we want to be subordinated ourselves to others. This is a great and powerful basis of our cooperation. Today we have decided to establish a joint presidential committee and this is further proof of how close this cooperation is, because it is the fourth such committee that Poland has. In two cases it involves states, which we were connected with by living in one country, with one state for centuries. In one case it is a State, which did not recognise Poland’s partitions and then there is Georgia and this demonstrates the scale of our ties, which I hope will be increasingly strong. We stand in a place, which was created in honour of 20,000 thousand soldiers who died in the Uprising; we are here to honour the memory of Georgian soldiers. Once again I would like to pay them honours; they died far from their country, but they died for a good cause. Honour be to their memory!”

In the evening President Kaczyński took part in a dinner offered by the President of Georgia on the occasion of the 86th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Georgia.

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