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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

I believed we would win

On 18th April 2007 in the Presidential Palace a press conference of President Kaczyński took place in connection with selection of Poland and Ukraine as hosts of the EURO 2012 European Football Championship.

During the conference President Lech Kaczyński said:

”I am very happy. It is always better not to say one will be successful before the success has really come. I believed we would win but then others also had a strong chance. I think a major effort lies ahead for us. It will in fact be five years. A mighty infrastructure has to be built and I am very happy about it. Actually it will be forced on us but it is very good. We cannot be late here. Thus there will be new stadiums in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań. There will be tourism-related infrastructure. Especially targeted at the mass market. In a nutshell – we stand to gain in all respects. The fundamental gains however will be in the area of sports, connected with the emotions of millions of football fans in Poland and in Ukraine, because I also would like to express my satisfaction at this being a Polish-Ukrainian success. From this place I want to congratulate Victor Yushchenko, the President of Ukraine, because it is also thanks to him, to his determination that the presentation was successful. I dare say that the involvement of highest representatives of our countries has led to us becoming hosts of the Championship. The first so big an event in our country. We have had European or world championships in various fields of sport, both more and less popular, but we have never had World Championships or even European Championships in football. This time we will host a truly great event, one organised together with our very close political and strategic partner. It is a great success and I think we have all the right to rejoice together".
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