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Monday, 16 April 2007

Letter of the President of the Republic of Poland to His Holiness Benedict XVI

On 16th April 2007 President Lech Kaczyński sent a letter to the Holy Father Benedict XVI on the occasion of the second anniversary of His election for the Holy See.

Below is the text of the letter:

”On the occasion of the second anniversary of the appointment of Your Holiness for the Holy See, on behalf of the Polish Nation and personally I wish to convey the most cordial wishes of good health and strength needed in performance of Apostolic Service for the Church and for the whole world. May Divine Providence support Your Holiness in the mission of preaching the Gospel of love, truth and hope, especially where these values are at risk and the voice of the poorest is not heard.

I am deeply convinced that the mission of peace, reconciliation and solidarity preached by Your Holiness will continue to bring good fruit to the whole world, giving hope for a future full of order and universal security.

I retain in my memory the recent meeting with Your Holiness and participation in the Eucharist at St Peter’s Square, offered in the intention of Servant of God Pope John Paul II.

Taking advantage of this opportunity I wish to once again convey to Your Holiness the best 80th birthday wishes. May this festive day continue in the life of Your Holiness incessantly, emanating its radiance to others. May it evoke hope in the human family and reinforce love”.
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