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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Visit to Hungary

On 20 September 2007, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński arrived in Hungary to attend a meeting of the Presidents of the Visegrad Group.

Upon arrival, the President laid a wreath at the monument commemorating the 2002 Balatonkeresztur accident of a Polish coach. In the afternoon, he joined Round 1 of the talks attended by the Visegrad Group Presidents.

Once the official talks are over, the agenda contains a cruise from Keszthely to Badacsony.

In the morning of 21 September 2007, second day of the visit, before Round 2 of the Visegrad Group Presidents’ meeting, President Lech Kaczyński held a bilateral meeting with the President of the Slovak Republic, Ivan Gašparovič.

After the second round of the meeting of the heads of states of the Visegrad Group, a common press conference was held, followed by a billateral meeting between President Lech Kaczyński and the President of the Republic of Hungary, Laszlo Sólyom. In the afternoon, President Lech Kaczyński returned to his home country.
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