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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Message of congratulations from the President of RP to the President of the Russian Federation

President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczyński sent a message of congratulations to President of the Russian Federation Mr Dmitri Medvedev on his assumption of the office of President of the Russian Federation.

The message runs as follows:

”Dear Mr President,

On the occasion of your inauguration into the office of the President of Russian Federation, I have an honour to convey to Your Excellency congratulations from the Polish Nation and me personally, and to wish you success in carrying out the duties of this honourable and responsible office.

I am confident that under your leadership, Mr President, the dialogue between our nations, founded on mutual understanding and on values, will obtain a new dimension.

Once again, I renew my wishes to you, Mr President, for your success in carrying out of your responsibilities, With the assurances of my high consideration, 

Lech Kaczyński
President of the Republic of Poland ”
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