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Thursday, 3 April 2008

President of RP participates in NATO Summit in Bucharest

On 2 April, 2008, afternoon President of the Republic of Poland Mr Lech Kaczyński went to Bucharest to attend NATO Summit.

President of RP was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Radosław Sikorski, Minister of National Defence Mr Bogdan Klich, Chief of Staff in the Chancellery of the President Mrs Anna Fotyga and Ministers in the Chancellery of the President Mr Michał Kamiński and Mrs Małgorzata Bochenek.

Upon arrival, the President of RP met with President of Georgia Mr Mikheil Saakashvili and President of Lithuania Mr Valdas Adamkus.

In the evening, President Lech Kaczyński took part in the working dinner of the Heads of Delegations.

On 3 April, 2008, after the welcoming addresses by President of Romania Mr Traian Basescu and NATO Secretary General Mr Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, President of RP participated in NATO working session in Bucharest.

President Lech Kaczyński also met with Prime Minister of the Great Duchy of Luxembourg Mr Jean – Claude Junker and participated in the working luncheon in the formula of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and in the session on Afghanistan.

In the evening hours, President of RP met with Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium Mr Yves Laterme and with Chancellor of Germany Mrs Angela Merkel.

On 4 April, 2008, President of RP participated in the session of NATO-Ukraine Commission and in the session of NATO-Russia Council. President of RP also took part in the press conference:

”I am satisfied, especially given that the finishing straight in yesterday’s discussions ended in success. At the very last instance and with a considerable input from Poland a part of the declaration was amended. Even if we had been told beforehand that what was attained was all that was achievable it turned out that much more could be attained. This includes first and foremost the statement that Ukraine and Georgia, for one needs to remember about the latter as well, will become members of NATO.

This is the most important point. More precisely, this statement provides: they will become members of NATO without adding the qualification “one day”, as it was suggested in the initial version. This is indeed a lot and equally President Yushchenko and President Saakashvili expressed their great satisfaction with the achievements of this Summit. I am very pleased that Poland has played a decisively positive role in both stages of the negotiations.

Other decisions made include first and foremost the one concerning stepping up of an effort in Afghanistan. This was another leading thread in the discussion of the last two days. Admittedly, Poland has already augmented its contingent and by the middle of the year the number of soldiers will have increased from twelve hundred to sixteen hundred. I believe that Poland is fulfilling its duties vis a vis NATO both there and in Iraq, and it is noteworthy that discussions were also held about Iraq even if the Iraq mission is not a NATO mission but NATO member states also participate in the latter. The same is true of other places in the world but as much as for some countries the most important issue is that of Western Balkans, for Poland the central issue is that of Ukraine and Georgia.

Today at the NATO-Ukraine meeting I expressed my hope that the December deadline, i.e. the date of the next meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs will be the time of assessing the state of preparedness for MAP and that this is going to be a one-off assessment. And I must say that the pace of events, with yesterday’s break-though declaration in particular, seems to suggest that this is a hundred percent realistic goal. I am very content with this Summit”

In the afternoon, the President of RP set off for Poland.

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