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Monday, 26 January 2009

President of Malta visits the Presidential Palace

Subsequently, during the tete-a-tete, the two Presidents spoke about the financial crisis and about the experiences and benefits derived by the two countries from their membership of the European Union. Both Presidents agreed that that economic and cultural cooperation between two states represent more potential to be tapped.

During the joint press conference, President Lech Kaczyński underscored once again that Poland would not be in the way of the entry into force of the new EU Treaty. Mr Kaczyński further pointed out that in the conversation he had an opportunity to explain to the President of Malta his own position on the Treaty.

Mr Fenech-Adami viewed the Lisbon Treaty as a kind of compromise that is acceptable for Malta, “although we do see its limitations”, he added.

In the afternoon Mr Fenech-Adami visited the Sejm and the Senate of the Republic of Poland and met in the Belweder Palace with the Prime Minister of RP. The formula of the official visit also included the meeting of Mrs Maria Kaczyńska with the Spouse of the President of Malta, a luncheon of the First Ladies and a tour of the Museum of Ethnography.

In the evening, Mr Lech Kaczyński hosted a ceremonial dinner in honour of the President of Malta and Mrs Fenech-Adami.” It is an honour for us to host in Poland the long-standing leader of a state which is now our ally. Some years ago, few people might have deemed it possible but as a matter of fact, we are nowadays together with Malta in the European Union. We are in a union of states which is a great historical experiment, so far a successful one. I trust that the visit of the Presidential Couple will contribute to the deepening of the relations between our countries”, said President Kaczynski in his address raising the toast to his Guests.

- Mr President, you are a model of a political success. You have been Prime Minister for 16 years, President for 5 years and Leader of the Opposition for 10 years. Every politician would like to hope for such tenure. May the life of the entire Maltese Nation be as successful as your political career,” concluded his address President Kaczyński.
On Tuesday, The President of Malta opened the Polish-Maltese Economic Forum.

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