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Friday, 23 January 2009

Meeting of Presidents of Poland and Estonia

President Ilves came to Poland ona two-day visit. On Friday evening, in the White Room of the Presidential Palace, the two Presidents had a meeting in private.

The Presidents of Poland and Estonia took also part in a press meeting in which President Lech Kaczyński emphasized the importance of the good relations that there are between the two countries and the need for their cooperation within the EU and NATO structures. President of Poland also expressed his view that economic cooperation is as important as the political partnership. “It is my conviction that those who underestimate cooperation with the Baltic States commit a strategic mistake”, said the President.

After the statements for the media, Mr Lech Kaczyński invited members of the delegations to a ceremonial dinner. During his stay in Poland, President Ilves is going to visit Auschwitz and to attend the Polish-Estonian Business Forum in Warsaw.

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