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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The truth about the gas conflict should come to light


On 14 January 2009, President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Lech Kaczyński, met in the Residence in Wisła with the President of Ukraine, Mr Victor Yushchenko. After the talks in private, the Presidents met with the media:

President Lech Kaczyński made among others the following points:

“As usual, this was a very interesting discussion that we had with President Yushchenko. As compared to our previous talks, the difference consists in the extraordinary timing of the present one which is held in the time when the gas has crisis spilt all over Europe. This relates to the policy pursued by Russia but also to the developments in Ukraine. President Yushchenko gave me a very accurate account of what happened on the last day of 2008. I think this account is going to be extremely interesting for you and will be provided to you by Mr President himself. Mr President has also outlined to me the blueprints of the technical agreement which could in a possibly shortest time restore the transmission of gas to European Union Member States, while also explaining the reasons behind the developments yesterday and a day before yesterday. This is also going to be of great interest to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, since there has been some information turmoil. It is in the interest of Ukraine but also, I must state this emphatically, in the interest of Poland, to have the truth, the exact truth come to light. There is nothing more that we should need: either Poland or Ukraine. “. 

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