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Monday, 29 June 2009

The President met with ambassadors from EU member states

On Monday, Lech Kaczyński, the President of the Republic of Poland , met with ambassadors from EU member states, the ambassadors of three states wishing to join the EU (Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia) as well as with the ambassadors of Georgia and Ukraine and the Head of the European Commission Representation in Poland .

Lech Kaczyński repeated what he has already said numerous times – that he will sign the Lisbon Treaty after the people of Ireland have accepted it in the repeat referendum and after the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany has voiced its opinion.

“We must have a clear understanding of the fact that there are only two keys to open the Treaty now: one of them lies in Germany, where the Federal Constitutional Court resides and makes decisions, and the other key are the people of Ireland,” he said.

“Regardless of the Lisbon Treaty, during the Presidency of Sweden of the European Union, the governing bodies of the EU will have to be re-shaped. If the Treaty becomes effective, a President of the Council of the European Union will have to be appointed, as well as a High Representative for External Matters," he remarked.

The President thanked the Czech Republic for its Presidency of the EU. This Presidency ends on Tuesday. He also summarised the last half year, speaking about the struggle with the crisis, European protectionism, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia pertaining to gas supply and the programme of Eastern Partnership which has been started during the Presidency of the Czech Republic .

The President remarked that this programme was important but, as he said, "all the time, we have to keep in mind the fact that this programme must not replace our strategic aims – enlarging the EU not only towards the Balkans, but also  in the direction of Ukraine and, in the future, Georgia and perhaps other countries."

“We must not resign from this enlargement – it is to the strategic benefit of us all, of the entire EU," he said.

Lech Kaczyński expressed his wish that the Presidency of Sweden, beginning on 1st July, may be successful. He remarked that, during its Presidency, Sweden will be dealing with the global crisis.

The President also mentioned matters such as further enlargement of the European Union. As he said, " Poland has been and will remain in favour of enlarging the EU, also towards the Balkans."

He hopes that the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia will not impede this process. He said that the diplomatic experience of the European Union and Sweden should be used to resolve the dispute and claimed that Poland is also ready to help resolve it. “We must not allow small arguments to shatter issues of fundamental importance," he emphasized.

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