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Friday, 19 June 2009

Lech Kaczyński at the meeting of political leaders in Novi Sad

This year's meeting was organised under the slogan of "3 E – Economy, Energy, EU Enlargement.” The main subjects discussed included the issue of EU enlargement, the policy of the Union pertaining to energy and the situation on the world's financial markets.

The meeting, in which representatives of 14 countries of the region participated, began on Thursday. The plenary session took place on Friday.

Lech Kaczyński met with Viktor Yushchenko

Before the commencement of the plenary session, the Polish President met with Viktor Yushchenko, the President of Ukraine.

Mariusz Handzlik, the President’s Minister, announced that the two presidents, during their discussions, had confirmed the strategic partnership of their states. They also agreed that work on the project of the Odessa-Brody-Płock pipeline will continue.

“Both Poland and Ukraine consider this project important for purposes of diversifying energy sources,” the President’s Minister said.

According to his words, Kaczyński and Yushchenko expressed their content with the development of bilateral relations pertaining to matters such as local border traffic.

Speeches and meetings of heads of states

The meeting of the presidents was opened by Boris Tadić, the President of Serbia. Afterwards, Václav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, took the floor as the representative of his country – the state presiding over the EU in the current half year.

During the plenary session, 12 of the presidents of Central European states present at the summit delivered their speeches, Lech Kaczyński among them.

The President on the Lisbon Treaty

"The chance that the Lisbon Treaty will become effective is about 70 per cent, perhaps even more,” he said in the speech he delivered during the summit.

He also said that, while introducing changes within the Community, it is important to maintain within the EU the policy of open doors not only with regard to countries of the Western Balkans but also for Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Lech Kaczyński assured that he was “completely in favour of” enlarging the EU to include the countries of the Western Balkans but, at the same time, he remarked that it was also important to maintain the Community open to countries that lie southeast of it.

As regards another one of the subjects discussed at the summit in Novi Sad, the economic crisis, Lech Kaczyński said that the situation in Poland was “not bad” in comparison to other countries. He added that, in Poland, we speak more of a stagnation than of a crisis. “The situation in my country is not a typical one," he said.

Energy policy

"A common energy policy should ensure that supplies will be constant and independent of political issues," the Polish President said. “Energetics must not be a political weapon and, as of now, it is such a weapon to a great degree,” he presented in his assessment.

The President drew attention to the fact that the Polish economy is based on coal as the source of energy so, while struggling to protect the climate, one must act reasonably, taking into consideration “diversified standards and the right to development for everyone.”

Next local summit in Poland

The President, after a joint press conference held for him and Boris Tadić, invited the participants of the meeting to the next summit in Poland. The President added that, in his opinion, the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, should join the 14 states that now participate in the summits. He announced that the presidents of these three states would be invited to the summit taking place in Poland. 

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