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Thursday, 18 June 2009

President: I will do what I can to help Jerzy Buzek become President of the European Parliament

Buzek as President of the European Parliament

During the press conference held on the first day of the session of the European Council, Lech Kaczyński said that he was much more optimistic with regard to the candidacy of Jerzy Buzek for President of the European Parliament.

“I will do what I can to help Jerzy Buzek become President of the EP,” he said. He also assured the audience that he will undertake various activities to this end because, as he claimed, he is personally interested in Buzek becoming President of the EP.

The candidacy of Mario Mauro

Lech Kaczyński also answered questions pertaining to Thursday’s discussion between Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, and Donald Tusk, the Polish Prime Minister, that took place in Brussels. In the discussion, Berlusconi argued that one of the advantages that the Italian candidate for President of the EP has is the fact that Poland has not ratified the Lisbon Treaty yet.

The President explained that, as far as the Lisbon Treaty is concerned, he considers the rule of unanimity of the entire European Union the most essential principle. This is why, he explained, the “no” of Ireland should be respected, even though Ireland is a small country.

“This is the basic principle and it is not to be altered. I, however, am ready to negotiate conditions with persons willing to do so. Of course, if they will be interested in such negotiations,” he said. He did not say who the persons in question were and said only that they themselves know perfectly well whom he means.

The President also said that Berlusconi enumerated an entire list of “advantages” that the Italian candidate has over the Polish one but remarked that he would not overestimate the “advantage” consisting of the fact that Italy has ratified the Lisbon Treaty.

According to Lech Kaczyński, the chance Buzek has of becoming President of the EP could be shattered by political parties, other than the Christian Democrats, only – he said – if an improbable degree of agreement were to appear in the EP.

Barroso holding his office for another term

While discussing the candidacy of Barroso for another term as President of the European Commission, Lech Kaczyński said that other political leaders are close to consenting to Barroso holding office for another term which, virtually, means that he will remain the President of the EC. “I am no prophet but I believe that he will hold the office for another five years,” he said.

The future of the Lisbon Treaty

The President said that he had come to Brussels because the issue of the upcoming referendum in Ireland with regard to the Lisbon Treaty was to be discussed on the first day of the summit.

However, as he said, “arguments continue,” especially with regard to matters such as the exact form of the legal guarantees aimed at convincing the Irish people to accept the Lisbon Treaty. He added that Poland does not participate in the negotiations. “I and the Prime Minister already see completely eye to eye on this matter,” he assured.

He regretted that this matter was removed from the agenda of Thursday’s session because – as he said – he would have joined this important discussion; he would have had to, on account of the Polish Constitution. He explained that he had to leave the summit in Brussels in order to participate in a summit of leaders from countries of Central Europe in Novi Sad, Serbia.

60th birthday in Brussels

Lech Kaczyński was also asked if he had received birthday wishes from the leaders of European states and governments because of his 60th birthday which was on Thursday. He answered that yes, some of the politicians did wish him all the best – as, for example, the President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering, did.

He emphasized that he also received best wishes for his family from the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk.

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