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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

President in the Republic of Serbia

The purpose of the official state visit paid to the Republic of Serbia was discussing important issues of bilateral relations between Poland and Serbia, as well as subjects connected with the process of integrating Serbia into the structures of the EU and NATO.

Boris Tadić, the President of Serbia, thanked Lech Kaczyński for supporting the European aspirations of Serbia. “I am very glad that President Kaczyński has once more confirmed that Poland supports Serbia on its road to Europe,” Tadić said during the joint press conference held for the two politicians. He emphasized that joining the EU is the main aim of his country.

While thanking the Polish President for coming to Belgrade, he called him his friend. “Our discussions have always been friendly in character, they were a dialogue between two friends. We have confirmed that bilateral relations between Poland and Serbia are very good," Tadić said.

The President of Poland emphasized that the situation within the EU is complex now but, at the same time, he assured that he is one of the European politicians who think that the door to the European Community should remain open at all times. “It is obvious that Serbia should take advantage of this. This region needs stabilisation,” he said.

With regard to Kosovo, Lech Kaczyński explained that its independence has been lawfully acknowledged by the Polish government. “However, I make no attempt to conceal the fact that this has been done with the opinions of the President and the government differing,” he remarked.

He emphasized that a democratically elected government has the right to make such a decision. At the same time, he expressed his belief that the issue of Kosovo is a solvable problem. He claimed that he fervently supports the policy of the President of Serbia pertaining to this issue.

The one-day visit ended with an official supper held by the host in honour of the Polish President. After the supper, Lech Kaczyński returned to Warsaw.

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