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Monday, 6 July 2009

President: The people of Poland and Lithuania have many aims in common

The early afternoon on Monday saw Lech Kaczyński and his wife arrive in Vilnius to participate in the celebrations to commemorate the Millennium of the Name of Lithuania.

The President participated in the unveiling ceremony of the Monument to the Millennium of Lithuania and in the ceremony of hoisting a historic flag over the reconstructed Palace of Rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The President expressed his hope that Poland and Lithuania will remain strategic partners. He added that the people of Poland and Lithuania “have many aims in common.”

“Today, Poland and Lithuania are free countries. I hope that our strategic partnership will continue. We have many aims in common and none of these goals are contradictory," Lech Kaczyński said during the celebrations on the Cathedral Square in Vilnius.

The President remarked that he supports the friendship and partnership of the two nations. “I will support them as long as I hold my public office,” he said. According to him, close relations between Poland and Lithuania “are in the interest of our nations which are different, but connected to each other."

Lech Kaczyński pointed out that the partnership of Poland and Lithuania should include other countries as well. In the context of these words, he remarked that the Presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine had all met in Lublin to participate in the celebrations of the 440th Anniversary of the Union of Lublin and added that “today they meet in Vilnius.” He hoped that, in the future, they "will meet even more often."

The President, while addressing the participants of the celebrations, emphasized that it has been a thousand years since Europe first heard of the people of Lithuania. He also mentioned some of the long history of Lithuania: the coronation of Mindaugas, the Dynasty of the Jagiellons and the unions of Poland and Lithuania.

He remarked that every person possessing knowledge about the history of Europe knows that the Dynasty of the Jagiellons first reigned in Lithuania and then in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, only then to become one of the most powerful European dynasties.

“You can pride yourself on your history,” Lech Kaczyński said. He added that we, Poles, “can be proud because our history has been intertwined with yours throughout ages.”

The Polish President remarked that Lithuania is a country of many nations – Lithuanians, Poles and Belarusians live there, as well as other nations. “Those nations have been living on that land in harmony for ages,” he emphasized.

He told the people of Lithuania not to lose heart due to the hardships they now experience because Poland has problems similar to those Lithuania is facing.

The President also referred to the events that took place, in both countries, at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s and said that both the Poles and Lithuanians, "proved that the future belongs to them – we have to believe it now."

Lech Kaczyński and his wife also visited two exhibitions: “Lithuania in Ancient Historical Sources” and “Wawel in Vilnius. From the Jagiellonian Dynasty to the End of the Republic of Poland.” The President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, held an official breakfast for the foreign guests.

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