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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Polish-Romanian declaration concerning strategic partnership

The President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, and the President of Romania, Traian Băsescu.

Wednesday morning in Bucharest saw the President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, and the President of Romania, Traian Băsescu, signing a declaration concerning the Polish-Romanian strategic partnership. In the declaration, the countries undertake, inter alia, to promote joint projects increasing the energy safety of the European Union.

“This was the culmination and the coping stone of long-lasting diplomatic efforts. The strategic partnership of our countries concerns safety and energy, regional development, agriculture, transportation, climate change and other aims we have in common," said Traian Băsescu after his meeting with Lech Kaczyński.

“This declaration is in line with Polish-Romanian relations, which have always been good," Lech Kaczyński pointed out.

In the document, Poland and Romania undertake to actively support the enlargement of the EU: “Poland and Romania, within the EU, will support the negotiations with Croatia and Turkey in terms of assisting those countries in joining the EU, as well as the gradual integration of other countries of the western Balkans into the Union, taking their individual achievements into account.”

Additionally, Bucharest and Warsaw expressed their support for countries which might join the EU in the future, including Moldova and Ukraine.

The document also contains a statement that Poland and Romania will promote the image of a strong North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: “The main objective is to make the NATO suitable for new tasks to be undertaken both in the Atlantic area and worldwide, as well as to enhance the political, military and economic role of the European Union in areas of common interest.”

Poland and Romania would also like to undertake activities aimed at consolidating the energy sector within the European Union market: “The energy safety of Europe is one of the priority objectives for the politicians of Poland and Romania. Our countries are willing to cooperate, at the level of the EU, in order to develop and implement a common energy policy.”

The two countries expressed their support for the construction of the southern energy corridor to connect the EU directly to the area of the Caspian Sea and the Middle East. The Nabucco pipeline has been considered a priority objective within the plans for the corridor.

In the declaration, Poland and Romania also undertook to cooperate as far as the agricultural policy of the European Union, regional development and transportation are concerned. It has been stated that the countries will cooperate in order to develop the trade exchange between them. It has also been announced that Polish-Romanian consultative mechanisms for trade-related issues will be established.

The two presidents, during their meeting with journalists, emphasized that their opinions pertaining to the Lisbon Treaty, its coming into effect and the future structure of the European Commission are the same. Lech Kaczyński remarked that this reform of the European Union is connected with the appearance of new functions within the Community.

Băsescu and Kaczyński also discussed a new proposal made by the US administration to NATO concerning anti-missile defence. On 17th September, America decided not to place elements of the Missile Defence System in Poland and the Czech Republic. The new missile defence programme will be based on a sea-based system which, in subsequent stages of its development, will also include ground-based missiles located in allied countries in Europe, possibly including Poland.

In this context, Lech Kaczyński emphasized that the Vice-President of the USA, Joe Biden, will soon pay a visit to Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The two presidents also discussed regional issues, including Poland’s and Romania’s relations with Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova and the Balkans states.

During his visit to Bucharest, Kaczyński met with representatives of the local Polish minority. He awarded distinctions to people, both Poles and Romanians, who “had merit in spreading Polishness.”


(PAP, own information)


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