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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lech Kaczyński wants the relations between Poland and Romania to be as close as possible


Today in the Presidential Palace, the presidents of Poland and Romania, Lech Kaczyński and Traian Băsescu, discussed matters concerning the economic crisis, energetics, and the situation in Ukraine and Moldova. An official greeting ceremony for Traian Băsescu was held at 11 a.m. in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace. Afterwards, the presidents participated in discussions in a small group of people.

The President of Romania claimed, during the press conference that followed the meeting, that the effects of the crisis are similar in both countries as, in both of them, there are solid banking systems but problems with providing credits to companies are occurring.

The presidents also signed a declaration with regard to a strategic partnership between the two countries. “I believe that the relations between Poland and Romania should be as close as possible,” emphasized Lech Kaczyński.

Traian Băsescu remarked that the meeting is important, as this year will see the 90th anniversary of Poland and Romania commencing their mutual diplomatic relations. The visit by Traian Băsescu constituted an opportunity to assess the cooperation between the two countries thus far and to open a new chapter in the contacts between them.

An exchange of distinctions was a part of the meeting. Lech Kaczyński received the Order of the Star of Romania and Traian Băsescu received the Order of the White Eagle.

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