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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

President: This talk gave me optimism


“I have spoken with Vice-President Biden about the issues that are of interest to the United States and our country, that is, the issues connected with cooperation on anti-missile defence, military defence, NATO and Article 5 of the Washington Treaty,” said President Lech Kaczyński summing up the two-hour meeting with the US Vice-President. At the conference in the Presidential Palace Lech Kaczyński stated that they also discussed other issues connected with world politics, including Afghanistan and relations with the Russian Federation.


The President emphasized that from his point of view, the most important issues were those concerning the alliance, its stability, the interest of the United States in the security of Poland, as well as plans connected with military cooperation not only when it comes to the SM3 system, but also anti-missile defence. He added that this is about a defence system that will be implemented in 4 stages between 2011 and 2018.


“This talk gave me optimism,” the President said and added that during the talk he obtained confirmation from Vice-President Biden on the Polish-American alliance as part of NATO and bilateral relations.

“My belief that our security is assured has been strengthened,” he said. Lech Kaczyński admitted that the part of the talk concerning the interest of the United States in issues connected with energy security was very interesting. “I drew the Vice-President’s attention to the fact of how huge the resources at the disposal of the countries located in Central Asia, former republics of the Former Soviet Union are, as well as how important it is to act in this region,” said the President.


At the end, the President repeated that he was very happy with Joe Biden’s visit to Poland and the fact that it took place so soon.


Read Remarks by Vice President Biden in a joint statemeny with President Kaczynski at



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