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Friday, 30 October 2009

President at meeting of the European Council

At a press conference on Friday during the EU summit in Brussels, the President anticipated that President Vaclav Klaus would sign the Lisbon Treaty if the Czech Constitutional Tribunal declared the treaty to be in conformity with the constitution.


“I think that this case can be considered closed, unless the tribunal’s ruling differs from everyone’s expectations”, he said.


When asked whether he believed President Klaus would sign the treaty, Kaczyński responded: “I think that a final compromise has already been reached, but this question can only be answered with absolute certainty by President Klaus himself and I do not think it would be advisable for anyone to put him under pressure”.


“As we all know, President Klaus is not a great supporter of the Lisbon Treaty. I also have to admit that I regard this treaty as an experiment and it is only after a few years that we will be able to assess its functionality from the viewpoint of Poland's and EU's interests and whether it promotes progress.”


The President found it regrettable that the office of chairman of the European Council and personnel details were not discussed at the summit. “I hope that at the next meeting this issue will be very important for the EU, for all of us and for Poland’s position in the second half of 2011”, he said.

When asked which candidate for the office of EU President (this is how the Council’s chairman is commonly referred to), Tony Blair or Jean-Claude Juncker, was closer to meeting Poland's interests, the President responded: “Only one of these candidates is currently an option. This is all I can tell you.”

Lech Kaczyński said that Janusz Lewandowski had high chances of becoming a commissioner, however he did not specify in what position.


The President also said that cooperation within the Polish delegation at the summit was good. He added that he left the conference room whenever the expertise of the finance minister, Jacek Rostowski, was required; however, during a dinner at which the Lisbon Treaty was discussed it was he who took the floor.


(PAP, own information)

lech kaczyński in brussels
lech kaczyński in brussels
lech kaczyński in brussels
lech kaczyński in brussels
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