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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Cooperating towards the development of the EU


On Thursday, the President of Latvia paid a three-day official visit to Poland. In their press releases the two presidents emphasized the good relations between the two countries.

In Lech Kaczyński’s assessment, his numerous meetings with President Zatlers “showed that the relations between our countries are indeed close.” He and the Latvian President discussed issues like the Lisbon Treaty and the recent personnel changes in the EU.

The Polish President remarked that close relations between Poland and Latvia are only natural – the two countries are members of NATO and are geographically close to each other. “We would like to make our relations with Latvia, as well as with Lithuania and Estonia, closer, and such semi-formal meetings serve this purpose very well," said Lech Kaczyński. The President stressed that cooperation in the region of the Baltic Sea region is nowadays connected with “difficult problems” such as the issue of the Northern European Gas Pipeline, energy security and the “joint energy undertakings.” These issues – the President said – were to be the subject of the two presidents’ discussion during supper on Thursday.

"I firmly believe that the governments of our countries will work together very closely,” he added, emphasizing that such cooperation lies in the interest of the entire region and the whole of Europe.

Lech Kaczyński expressed his hope that Poland and Latvia, together with other European states, will work to "make the direction of the Lisbon development of Europe the best."

This direction – he said – should be towards close cooperation of states which retain their individual influence on the entire policy of their union. “This should include everything – from personnel decisions to the foreign policy of the European Union, its agricultural policy, the future of energetics, trade and so forth," stressed Lech Kaczyński.

In his speech Valdis Zatlers said that he greatly values good relations between Poland and Latvia. He emphasized that the two countries are partners within the EU. “We would like to become a certain driving force for Europe, for an improved EU,” claimed the Latvian President. “We have to be aware of the fact that the Lisbon Treaty forms a particular frame to which we have to add the picture, the content. Every country has to contribute to shaping the future of Europe,” added the President of Latvia. After the meeting in the Presidential Palace and after delivering their press statements, the two presidents attended a ceremonial supper held in honour of the Latvian guests.


(PAP, own information)

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