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Anna Gręziak – Advisor to the President

Ms Anna Gręziak graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Warsaw also completing post-graduate studies in healthcare organisation at the University of Warsaw and at the Jagiellonian University.


For 19 years, she was working as an anaesthesiologist in hospitals in Pułtusk, Wyszkow and Warsaw. In 1990, having won the competition for the Office of the Regional Medical Officer in Warsaw, she started working in public administration. She worked in the Voivodship Office in Warsaw, then in the Mazovian Voivodship Office, and also in the Office of Civil Rights’ Ombudsman as a Plenipotentiary for the protection of patients’ rights and right of persons with disabilities. From May 2003 till 25 November 2005, she was chairing the Warsaw Municipal Team for Determining Disability.


On 25 November 2005, she was appointed Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health. She continued in this capacity till 27 November 2007. In the Ministry of Health, Ms Gręziak supervised following departments: International Cooperation, Structural Funds and Foreign Aid, and Nurses and Midwives Department. She was member of the European Committee in the Council of Ministers of RP. In the European Commission, she engaged in actions leading to the amendment of those EU regulations which entailed discrimination of Polish nurses and midwives through failing to recognise their qualifications in other countries of the Community. In 2006, Ms Gręziak led the works to draft the law on transfer of funds to service providers which served to increase salaries. This law ushered in the highest wage increase in the health sector for a few decades.


As of September 1980, Mrs Gręziak was engaged in the formation of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union NSZZ Solidarity. In November 1980, she was representing Interfactory Founding Committee of Solidarity for Mazovia in a sit-in staged by healthcare delegates in the Coat of Arms Hall of the Voivodship Office in Gdansk. She was member of the Solidarity Regional Board of Mazovian Region, member of the Regional and National Coordination Commission of Healthcare. She also was a Delegate to the Solidarity First National Convention. She led the works of the Public Committee of Bank of Medicines within the NSZZ Solidarity. Moreover, she sat on the Board of Solidarity Fund.


On 11 February 1994, during the Celebration of the World Day of the Sick in the Shrine of Jasna Góra she co-founded the Catholic Association of Polish Physicians. From 1994 on, she has been member of the Main Board and from November 2002 the President of the Association. She is also member of the European Federation of Catholic Medical Associations. In 1997 she was awarded the Primate’s Gold Medal for meritorious services to the Church and the Nation : Ecclesiae Populoque Servitium Praestanti .


Since 2000, Ms Gręziak has been a Lady of The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Her hobbies include: bio-ethics, cantata and oratorio music and sailing.

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