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Professor Michał Kleiber – Advisor to the President

Born on 23rd January 1946 in Warsaw. Member of Polish Academy of Sciences – expert in application of modern computer technologies in scientific research, technology and medicine. He is also involved with development-oriented state policy, in particular the strategy of development of education, science and innovation, the economy, use of information technology in administration and international co-operation. A graduate of the Civil Engineering faculty at the Warsaw University of Technology (1968) and of Mathematics, Mechanics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University (1971).


In 1995 Mr Kleiber became director of Institute of Fundamental Technological Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he has been heading the Computer Methods Chair. He was a lecturer and scholar at many Polish and foreign universities, including long stays in the Universities of Stuttgart and Darmstadt (FRG), Berkeley (California, USA) and Tokyo (Japan). For many years he was a lecturer at the Mathematics and Information Sciences Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology.


Professor Michał Kleiber is an author or co-author of over 220 scientific works and 7 books published by internationally renowned publishing houses. He sits on editorial boards of several international scientific magazines and is an editor-in-chief of one of the world’s most renowned computer modelling and simulation magazines. Mr Kleiber is also a recognised promoter of science – i.a. sitting in the scientific board of the “Wiedza i Życie” popular scientific magazine. He has won several awards including the most prestigious scientific award granted by the Foundation for Polish Science and carries the Medal of the Kingdom of Belgium for innovative achievements. He has a honoris causa doctorate from universities in Lublin, Cracow, Darmstadt (FRG) and Mons (Belgium). He has also been elected as foreign member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


In the years 1998 – 2001 Mr Kleiber represented Poland in the Board of Governors of the EU Research Centre and was the Polish delegate to the “Sustainable Growth” Steering Committee in V framework Programme of the EU. In the years 2001 – 2005 he was Minister of Science and Information Technology and the Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee. From 2002 to 2005 Mr Kleiber chaired the Offset Contracts Committee. In 2005 he was elected member of the European Research Council and chairman of the European Materials Forum. He is a member of the Programming Council of the Polish Lisbon Strategy Forum.

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