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Wojciech Szczurek - Advisor to the President for self-government

He was born in 1963 in Gdynia. He has a Ph. D. in Law and is a judge by profession.


During the years 1989-94 he was a judge in the Local Court in Gdynia in the Civil Law Department, which he headed. Member of the Senate of the Higher International School of Economic and Political Relations as well as of the Programming Council of the Baltic Studies Centre in the Institute for Market Economy Research.


Since 1990 involved with self-government work. In the years 1991-1998 he was Chairman of the Gdynia City Council, at the same time he represented Gdynia in the Gdańsk Voivodship Parliament.


Since 1998 he is President of the City of Gdynia and since 2003 he chairs the Association of Cities of the Amber Motorway, the activity of which was instrumental in starting construction of the A1 motorway.


Mr Szczurek is the author and co-author of numerous publications concerning maritime economy and self-government management.


He has won many awards, including one of the highest distinctions given by the Holy Father to lay persons: the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Golden Cross. He was the only city president in Poland to be honoured with the “Friend of Integration” medal – awarded to persons acting for the benefit of the disabled not as a formal duty but out a desire to build social integration. He is also one of the “Friends of Pomeranian Entrepreneurship”, awarded the Amber Kogga by the Pomeranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In 2002 the Businessman monthly awarded Mr Szczurek the title of “Patron of Small and Medium Enterprises”. In 2003 he won the title of “Man of the Year 2002” granted by the Dziennik Bałtycki daily and the title of “Radio Personality of the Year” from Radio Gdańsk. In 2005 Waldemar Dąbrowski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage honoured him with the highest distinction awarded by the Minister – the Silver Medal of Merit for Culture Gloria Artis".

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