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Thursday, 31 December 2015

President Duda delivers New Year's message

  |   President Duda delivers New Year's message President Duda delivers New Year's message

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Compatriots!


We shall soon start counting down minutes and seconds separating us from the New Year 2016. We shall convey to each other our good wishes but possibly, also a moment of reflection will also come as we take stock of what we have managed to achieve over the last twelve months, and what plans and dreams we would like to realize in the forthcoming year.


As President of Poland, I wish to all my Compatriots, to all citizens of the Republic of Poland, that we might emerge even more as a community. What binds us together is culture, language, and above all, love of our Home Country. What binds us together is history: next year, we shall celebrate the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland, the event which has largely contributed to the formation of our Nation. The freedom-loving Nation, valiant, proud, and at the same time, tolerant vis-a-vis other nations and religions.


In our country, the supreme authority is vested in the nation. This is why I do believe that laws in the Republic of Poland should be made together with citizens and, above all, for citizens.


We all desire that Poland be a country of peace and welfare, a strong and secure state. We have shared goals and pursuits even if our views differ. But we live in a democracy and freedom of speech is one of democracy’s many assets. We may differ in our opinions but we need to talk to each other, heeding and respecting one another.


Ladies and Gentlemen!


I wish to convey my warmest New Year’s wishes to all Polish families. I wish to pay my particular respect and express my admiration to Polish mothers. It is on their shoulders that the greatest burden rests and the greatest responsibility for the shape of future generations to come.


I also wish to convey my best wishes to entrepreneurs. Through your day-to-day work, you help to build prosperity of the whole society. It is the small and medium enterprises that are the backbone of our economy, often functioning as family businesses, built by endeavours of several generations, dynamic and innovative. It is incumbent on the authorities to lay down favourable conditions for the country’s entrepreneurs and to secure for them a level playing field as they compete with global players.


In this evening, my thoughts also run to my compatriots with a long job tenure. I realize that what you expect is a fair, equitable pension system in which each person will determine when he or she would like to end one’s professional career. I think that this crucially important decision should be handed over to the citizens themselves. The wisdom of Polish people should be trusted.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Poland is our family home. I would like to see our community include increasing numbers of Poles returning to live in our Home Country. I hope that state and local authorities will make sure that such returns are easier and less onerous. I also trust that improved perspectives in Poland will encourage those who have left the country to live in the West in recent years, to come back.


To all our citizens I wish that in the contemporary turbulent world of today, our country might continue to feature as an area of peace and security.  As Head of State and Supreme Commander of Armed Forces I wish to assure you that I will strive to reinforce our defence potential.


In the world, those who matter most are the ones who pointedly present their goals and courageously realize them. I will continue to pursue an active foreign policy, defending political and economic interests of the Republic of Poland, defending Poland’s image and good name world-wide, and taking care of our compatriots who stay abroad.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


May people of culture, and especially those who through literature, music and art promote Poland’s name world-wide, derive a lot of inspiration in the coming year. May Polish scientists make many wonderful discoveries. Last but not least, may our athletes who await the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and also the European Football Championship in France, score a lot of success. I keep my fingers crossed for them and I trust they will give us many reasons to rejoice.


To all Compatriots in our Home Country and beyond, I ardently wish the achievement of their dreams. May they develop a sense of self-confidence and look into the future with optimism. I wish you a peaceful, happy, fruitful and prosperous New Year!

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