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Friday, 10 March 2000


On March 10, 2000, during his visit to the Central Command Station of Air Defence, President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski made a statement: STATEMENT On 12 March 1999, the Republic of Poland, along with the Czech Republic and the Republic of Hungary, became member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - an alliance which has many a time in its history proven its faithfulness to the values of democracy, freedom and human rights, its credibility, efficiency and reliability. We accepted this membership with joy and hope for a better and safer future; with satisfaction that the dramatic period of division of Europe and of balance of fear had been closed. There is nothing more important for Poland than a stable Europe based on friendly cooperation and effective alliance. We have proven this by taking part in international peacekeeping operations in the former Yugoslavia. On behalf of the Polish people, I reaffirm Poland`s readiness to participate in the process of building a better world, in enlarging the sphere of international security, stability, freedom and prosperity. We will consistently work for further enlargement of the Alliance. Poland has proven that it is a credible, loyal, active and friendly partner. It is today and will be in the future.
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