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Maciej Piróg

Maciej Piróg is a 55-year-old manager, local government member, and health politician.


He is a pediatrician and public health specialist; for 10 years he has been the director of the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Międzylesie, Warsaw. In the 1990s, Piróg was the head doctor and, later, Deputy Governor of the Opolskie voivodeship. He was Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health in Jerzy Buzek's government.


Dr Maciej Piróg is a second degree specialist in public health, a second degree specialist in the organization of health services and a holder of a PhD degree in medicine. He completed the Postgraduate Study in Health Economics at the University of Warsaw. Piróg is the co-author of international projects concerning the management and organization of health services. He was the World Bank consultant for health care programs in Poland. Maciej Piróg has participated in numerous projects and programs concerning the health care system, including the Hope project entitled “Managers for health care reform in Poland”; the Phare program entitled “Changes in the management and organization of health services”, and was also engaged in projects on the restructuring of the health care system in the Opolskie voivodeship. In addition, Piróg is one of the authors of the Local Government Health Care in Poland project.


Because of his extensive work experience and significant contribution to the development of the Polish health care system, Maciej Piróg scores highly in “The One Hundred List” annual ranking prepared by the magazine Puls Medycyny, which includes the most influential people in the Polish health service.


He is married and has two daughters; his wife and children are dentists.


Maciej Piróg's hobbies include health politics, theatre, film, music and sport.

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