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Prof. Michał Kulesza (1948-2013)

Born in 1948 in Łódź. He graduated from the Tadeusz Rejtan Comprehensive Secondary School in Warsaw. He was a scout and the commander of the 1st Warsaw Scout Troop “The Black Number One”. Between 1965 and 1969, he studied law at the University of Warsaw.


Doctor habilitatus, professor of the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Law and Administration, headmaster of the Department of Theory of Administration. Between 1991 and 1992 Pro-Dean of the Faculty. An expert on the issues of administration law and public administration, author of over 150 scientific publications.


Since 1980/81, he has been actively involved in the works for reconstruction of the local self-government and the transformation of the administration system of Poland – in cooperation with professor Jerzy Regulski. A participant of the Round Table Conference in the group for local self-government. Co-author of administration reforms in the 3rd Polish Republic: one of the major creators of the local self-government, also a co-author of the Commune Self-Government Act of 1990 and many further projects, programs and acts in the field of public administration, expert of the Citizens' Parliamentary Club, the government's advisor (1991-1992), plenipotentiary of two governments, responsible for preparation of the 2nd stage of the administration reform (undersecretary of state in the government of Hanna Suchocka 1992-1994 and secretary of state in the government of Jerzy Buzek 1997-1999).


He was one of the organizers of the Civil Rights Spokesman's Office (1988), when he headed a Team for Studies and Analyses. He was also a member of the Supreme Chamber of Control College when Walerian Pańko was the President of the Chamber and a member of the Legislation Council beside the Prime Minister (1991-1992).


The founder and the first editor-in-chief of the “Community” magazine, creator and editor-in-chief of the monthly “Local Self-Government”. Between 2001 and 2004 President of the Association of Public Administration Education. Advisor of the Association of Polish Cities, an expert of the Council of Europe.


Legal advisor, since 2009 an associate at the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp.k. law firm.


He was repeatedly honoured for the work for the reconstruction of the local democracy in Poland by all national local self-government organizations and was honoured by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski with a Commodore's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. Died on January 13th, 2013.

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