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Paweł Lisiewicz - Head of the Cabinet of the President of RP

Paweł Lisiewicz was born in 1979 in Poznan. He graduated from the department of political sciences at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan, also completing a post-graduate tutorial course for researchers at the London School of Economics and MBA at Koźmiński University in Warsaw.


 A Fellow of the Institute for Humane Studies at the George Mason University in the United States, he also completed Foreign Policy Studies of the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Leaders' School. By passing an exam at the National School of Public Administration for the State Human Resources, he confirmed his eligibility to occupy high positions in state administration.


In 2007-2010, Paweł Lisiewicz was Communications Director in the Ministry of Treasury, in charge of promoting privatization programme. He was also a co-founder of the programme of Civic Shareholding (as a result of the programme, more than 300 thousand citizens who had never invested in the stock market before bought shares of privatized companies) and the Ministry's investors relations (in charge of promotion of the country's privatization offer; the initiative which generated more than 40 billion PLN income for the state budget attracting investors from New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai).


Before, he served as an assistant to Jan Kułakowski, Member of the European Parliament, former Chief Negotiator of Poland with the EU, and was a founder and director of the Poznan centre of the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy.


He was also one of initiators of the Project: Poland community. He is member of Mont Pelerin Society. His particular interests span from political philosophy of liberalism (especially F.A. Hayek), to European integration and North America.


Working as the Director of the Cabinet of the President of RP Bronisław Komorowski, as of September 2, 2013, Paweł Lisiewicz has been appointed to the office of the Head of the Cabinet of the President of RP.


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