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Sławomir Rybicki - Deputy Chief of the Chancellery

Sławomir Rybicki was born on June 23, 1960, in Gdansk. He holds a degree in law and has graduated from the University of Gdansk, Department of Law and Administration.

From the late 1970’s, he has been a democratic opposition activist, a member of the Young Poland Movement and also, from the moment of its foundation in 1980 to 1989, a member of the Independent Self-Governing Solidarność Trade Union. In 1978, at the age of 18, he was arrested on the charges of posting anti-communist leaflets (an invitation to attend a Holy Mass offered for restoration of Poland’s independence). In August 1980, he took part in the workers’ strike, also helping to set up in the Gdansk Lenin Shipyard the first print shop which printed the famous workers’ demands which were originally taken down on a plank of wood by Slawomir’s brother Arkadiusz and Maciej Grzywaczewski. Together with many other well-known opposition members, Sławomir worked for “Swietlik”, a temporary work agency which offered maintenance services at high altitude.

Sławomir belonged to the narrow circle of Lech Walesa’s collaborators. He was a secretary to the Solidarity Chairman, and, subsequently, upon the end of Lech Walesa’s presidential term, a director of the Bureau.

For several years, Sławomir has been a close associate of Maciej Płażyński, running his office when the latter was the Gdansk Voivode and acting as director general of his cabinet during Mr Płażyńki’s office as Marshal of the Sejm in the 3rd term.

He was organizing and participating in the first meetings of the founders of the Civic Platform: Donald Tusk, Maciej Płażyński and Andrzej Olechowski.

Ever from the party’s outset, Mr Rybicki has been affiliated with this political grouping. From 2001, he has been incessantly a Member of Parliament. Actively engaging in the mainstream of Polish politics, he held responsible positions in Civic Platform’s parliamentary group. He was the secretary of the group in the 4th term of the Polish Parliament, deputy chair in the 5th term, subsequently reelected to the position of the first deputy chair for the two subsequent terms.

On many occasions, Mr Rybicki was chairing the proceedings of the Members’ Ethics Committee, also leading the works of the Committee for National and Ethnic Minorities. In the 5th term of the Polish Parliament, he was a deputy chair of the extraordinary committee set up to scrutinize the bills on the amendment of the Polish Constitution submitted by the President of the Republic of Poland and on the amendment to the law on the Criminal Procedure Code. In the 6th term, he was reelected chair of the Extraordinary Committee for the scrutiny of bills submitted by fellow MP’s to amend the Polish Constitution.


He also served as a deputy chair of the Extraordinary Committee for codification changes and was member of the Committee for Special Services and, in 4th term, of the Committee for Justice and Human Rights.

In Presidential elections of 2005, Mr Rybicki worked as an electoral plenipotentiary of Donald Tusk’s campaign.


He is married, his wife Małgorzata and his daughter Maja, hold both a degree in law.


Next to politics, Mr Rybicki takes a keen interest in sports, football in particular, but also in preserving the country’s cultural and natural landscape, in music, and in modern history of Poland.

On January 17, 2012, he was appointed Secretary of State in the Chancellery of President Bronisław Komorowski in charge of liaising with the Government, Parliament and political parties.


By decision of the President of the Republic of Poland of September 2, 2013 he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Chancellery.




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