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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bronisław Komorowski meets the President of Germany

  |   Bronisław Komorowski and Christian Wulff

Bronisław Komorowski, the president-elect of Poland, received the German president, Christian Wulff, at the Belvedere during his one-day visit to Poland.


During the press conference following the meeting, the president-elect noted that President Wulff became president by a decision of the German parliament on June 30th. He added that the fact that he himself won the second round of the presidential elections in Poland only a few days later, on July 4th, must be a good omen for the future.


He emphasized that there is a great opportunity for shaping Polish-German relations, including at the highest level, that of cooperation between the presidents of the two countries. He added: “The presidents of Germany and Poland will ensure that cooperation between our countries continues to develop.”


Komorowski proposed that this cooperation should begin with the patronage of the two presidents over a Polish-German youth exchange.

“I hope that we will be able to prepare specific solutions aimed at further developing relations between Poland and Germany,” the President of Germany stated, adding that he would very much like to accept this proposal concerning a Polish-German youth exchange.


“We wish to contribute jointly to organising conferences for intellectuals in Krzyżowa devoted to the subject of future European integration. By doing this, we would be setting a good example of how to create a better future,” Wulff added.


President Wulff mentioned the heritage of the Solidarity movement and added that Germany owes its freedom and unity to this organisation. “We wish, now, to cooperate on further integration in Europe,” he said, inviting the president-elect to visit Berlin.


Bronisław Komorowski thanked Wulff for this invitation and asserted that Berlin will be the one of the first places he visits. “My first trip abroad after I am sworn in will be to Brussels, Paris, and Berlin,” he said, adding that President Wulff first travelled to Strasbourg, then to Paris and Warsaw.


“This was not directed or planned by anyone – life simply ran this way. However, this testifies to the fact that we think and act alike – may this be so for the entire duration of the incumbency,” Komorowski said.




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