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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

"Grunwald enhanced the alliance between Poland and Lithuania"

Presidents of Poland and Lithuania in Krakow   |   Presidents of Poland and Lithuania in Krakow Presidents of Poland and Lithuania in Krakow

In Cracow on Wednesday, as part of the 600th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Grunwald, Bronisław Komorowski announced that he was very pleased to be able to meet the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, in a place no other than the monument commemorating this glorious victory.


"We met the President of Lithuania to recall a past of grandeur and glory, as well as to consider those periods when the relations between our countries were not so good. We can also plan how we should like Polish-Lithuanian relations to be and think about the future of Poland and Lithuania in the context of the European Union and NATO," the president-elect said.


He remarked that one of the consequences of the Grunwald victory was that cooperation and friendship between Poland and Lithuania was able to develop. "It was, back then, that the journey of our two nations towards the Lublin Union began," he added.


"Poland and Lithuania, both member states of the EU, can interpret the Battle of Grunwald as something more than a military success. We can be proud of our great achievement in the field of integration as well – this is, after all, an experience that Poles and Lithuanians share. We should tell the world about this achievement," he said.


"There is no better reflection on the relations between Poland and Lithuania than the history that binds us together," he emphasized.


The celebration at the Grunwald Monument in Cracow began with the playing of the anthems of both Lithuania and Poland. After delivering their speeches, Komorowski and Grybauskaitė placed wreaths at the foot of the monument.


After the celebration, the two presidents headed to the Wawel, where they placed wreaths at the tomb of Władysław Jagiełło in the cathedral, and visited the historical exhibition "The Token of a Magnificent Victory."

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