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Friday, 6 August 2010

Bronislaw Komorowski - Poland’s new president


On Friday at 10 am, a session of the National Assembly took place - formed by the combined sitting of the Sejm and the Senate - at which Bronisław Komorowski, chosen in the presidential election in July, took the presidential oath and thus formally assumed the office of President of the Republic of Poland.


In accordance with the Constitution of Poland, the President of the Republic assumed office after taking the following oath in the presence of the National Assembly:


"Assuming, by the will of the Nation, the office of President of the Republic of Poland, I do solemnly swear to be faithful to the provisions of the Constitution; I pledge that I shall steadfastly safeguard the dignity of the Nation, the independence and security of the State, and also that the good of the Homeland and the prosperity of its citizens shall forever remain my supreme obligation." The oath may also be taken with the additional sentence "So help me, God."


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