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Friday, 1 October 2010

Poland wishes to share its experience with Ukraine

Prezydent Bronisław Komorowski in Yalta   |   Prezydent Bronisław Komorowski in Yalta

On Friday in Ukraine, President Bronisław Komorowski stated that Poland wishes to support Ukraine’s European aspirations. At the same time, he encouraged Kiev to carry out reforms leading to EU integration.


Bronisław Komorowski and Viktor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine, met in Yalta, during a conference organised by the YES (Yalta European Strategy) Foundation.


The Polish president emphasised that it has become very difficult to answer the question of what should be done in order to restore the European Union’s capacity for expansion. In his opinion, two parallel solutions should be implemented: developing and reforming the EU and preparing countries striving towards EU membership for integration with the Community.


Bronisław Komorowski also believes that the EU should invest in innovative technologies, enhance economic solutions, and extend the euro zone. However, he remarked that while modernising the Union, its drive to “spread a better world” should be retained.


He said that Poles are experienced in preparing their country for EU membership, adding that while these preparations might have been difficult at times and lasted for several years, they paid off – both for Poland and for the Union. He remarked that we have contributed a lot to the Community, including a significant cultural potential and a large market, and what we received in return were rules to help our economy develop even in times of worldwide crisis.


“The preparations made by Poland for EU membership turned it into a well-organised country with a competitive economy – one ambitious enough to strive towards becoming an important part as far as the processes taking place within Europe, the Union, and the world are concerned,” Komorowski said.


“Poland wishes to let Ukraine partake of its experience and desires to support Ukraine’s aspirations to become a member of the EU. We also want to influence the Union itself so that it retains its open character and its drive towards embracing new countries as members,” he added.


Komorowski also urged Ukraine to waste no more time, and to implement reforms. “A lot of time has already elapsed and all activity needs decisive hastening. This is an ambitious task but I am convinced that Ukraine is up to it. The time for declarations and words has almost ended – now is time for actions and achievements,” he said.


Komorowski then added that it pleases Poland to see the various impulses, decisions, and legal acts which all take Ukraine a step closer to EU membership.


The President of Ukraine thanked the Polish President for his interest and readiness to provide help. He argued that the objectives he sets for his country are ambitions and that the crisis is a stimulus to develop, opening up new vistas of opportunities for Ukraine. “Ukraine is ready to seize these opportunities,” he said.


After the conference organised by the “Yalta European Strategy” Foundation, the Polish President met the President of Ukraine.


“Poland hopes that its expectations will be met as fully as possible, as this is the practical dimension of verifying what will be happening as far as energy-related cooperation is concerned. There is gas for us but it needs to be transported to Poland through the territory of Ukraine,” Bronisław Komorowski said at the press conference held in conjunction with Viktor Yanukovych.


The President of Ukraine said that he suggested Poland should take part in a project for modernising the gas transfer system. He added that, thanks to this, Poland would become a shareholder in the system.


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